Xiaomi introduces Redmi Note 4G

Xiaomi yesterday introduces Redmi Note with 4G capability. I think this is really good news for those who wanted to buy the Redmi Note but was put off by the lack of 4G/LTE feature. This upgraded Redmi Note 4G will be on sales in China from 26th August 2014 (pre-order starts now).


I am not sure when Singapore will be getting the 4G version of Redmi Note. But I guess the news itself is already showing that Xiaomi meant business in the international market with the introduction of 4G in their products.

I did a simple check on the specifications. Apart from the inclusion of 4G bandwidth, not much has changed in the Redmi Note 4G. It is now using a Quadcore processor instead of 8 core. It has better support of SD card of up to 64GB (instead of 32GB) and the battery size is 3100 mAh (instead of 3200 mAh) and yes, now in Android 4.4 (instead of Android 4.2).

The starting price is 999 RMB which is about SGD203. Almost the same as the current Redmi Note sold in Singapore.

Click Here to Check Out Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G


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