Review: First Look and Unboxing the Nokia XL (video)

It has been a while since I get excited over a smartphone. Nokia XL actually gets me all excited because it is an Android phone and yet does not behave like it. I have never use this OS before. Everything is new to me. The Nokia XL runs on an Nokia X OS that allows Nokia apps and Android apps to co-exist.

Front and Back View


Before I dive into the Nokia X OS, here is the first look of the Nokia XL. First impression is that it is quite a heavy phone with a nice large screen (5-inch). There is nothing fanciful about it. That might be the reason it comes with a nice price tag (S$239 without contract. Click Here to check how you can own it at half price).

Close up of the rear camera and the speaker grille


Close up of the front camera

It has a 2 MPX front camera.


Top and Bottom View

Very clean look. The top has only the 3.5mm port for the earphones and the bottom has the Micro USB port for data transfer and charging.


Side Views

Again, it is very clean. The only buttons it has are plastic buttons on one side. The other side is totally clean.


Back view with cover removed

Thankfully, the back cover of the Nokia XL can be opened which expose the battery, Dual SIM slots and the Micro SD card slot.


Close ups of the slots

Note that SIM 1 is using 2G/3G and SIM 2 is using 2G only.


Back cover

The back cover is quite flimsy. However, when installed to the phone, it becomes more rigid.

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The packaging is very similar to Nokia Lumia series. The accessories are also standard: Charger, earphones. For those who are unsure, the battery is only 2000mAh


I did a short unboxing video. Check it out.

That is it. More information about the OS will be coming out in later post.

Some heads up. I cannot find some apps but there is a workaround. Unfortunately, there are still some hiccups. Information coming out shortly.