Microsoft might announce Surface Pro 3 on 20th May

If the leaked information is correct, we might be seeing the next Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on the 20th May 2014 event in New York. And there might be an announcement of a smaller version (7 or 8 inch device) aka Surface mini on the same event.


The Surface Blog has mentioned about the event but did not give out any details except that it will be on Live Webcast.

In my opinion, if Microsoft is to fight along side with their competitors (Android tablets, Apple iPad), they need to clean up their act. So far, they are not  able to create a strong demand for their Surface tablets.

I am all out to get myself a Surface Pro anytime if it is available here (Singapore) and it has at least a SIM card slot. I am super disappointed that even till date, Singapore is not getting the Surface Pro 2.

If there is a new product (Surface Pro 3) on the 20th May event, they should just skip the Pro 2 here and go straight to Pro 3. I have been waiting way too long for a perfect tablet from Microsoft that runs on full OS.


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