Is this the waterproof iPhone 6?

As the date for the reveal of iPhone 6 is drawing near (although Apple did not say so), we are beginning to see a lot of leaks regarding the iPhone 6. However, this iPhone 6 leak has the most pictures and also something that was not reported previously. It seems that the iPhone 6 (if the leak is true) is waterproof.


As you can see, it has a larger screen and is slightly curve and smooth. And as what the previous leaks had mentioned, the power button has been shifted to the side. Here is a combined picture of the side views and the back.


I will treat all these leaked pictures with pinch of salt. I remembered in one of the years, the leaked iPhone is actually a clone phone for the Chinese market. They took the ideas from all the leaks and made it into one good looking phone.

However, ever since the demised of Steve Jobs, I am seriously thinking that Apple is not the same anymore. Last year’s iPhone was well leaked and it seems that Apple is not bothered with it. So, it is up to you to believe these pictures.

One last picture that I wanted to show is that the leaked iPhone can be submerged into the water. If this feature is real, I am sure a lot of people will be screaming with joy. Notice that there is no special cover for the ports. Is it really possible? (unless Apple has special coating to all its components).


Still want more pictures? Head down to the link below for more of them.

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