6 days left to download WeChat Marvel Super Heroes animated sticker

WeChat sets the date 22nd to 29th April as the window to download the Marvel Super Heroes animated sticker for free. They did not mention if they were going to remove it from the Sticker Shop after that. I suspect you will have to pay for them later (don’t quote me).

WeChat Marvel Sticker

Be a bit kiasu (Singlish term to mean “fear of losing”) and download the stickers now. You never know when you need them. They are super cute. In fact, some of us are already spamming our own chat with these stickers.

The best part is that since they are animated, we did not even type a single word.. just stickers of these Marvel Super Heroes.. how weird can it get, haha. I am not crazy over stickers but these stickers of Marvel superheroes really make it more meaningful especially if you have watched any of the Marvel movies. My favorite is Ironman, period.

Go into the WeChat app. Go to “Discover” tab and select “Sticker Gallery”. You should see Captain America as the icon for the sticker. If not, too bad, you are too late.. just kidding..


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