Sony introduces bright and colorful portable charger CP-V3A

Update (21/Apr/2014): Singapore will NOT be getting the CP-V3A Portable Charger. Not sure what is the reason. At the moment, this is the latest info.

Update 2 (21?Apr/2014): Sony clarify that they might bundle the CP-V3A Portable Charger with another product.

Sony introduces CP-V3A USB Portable Charger in Singapore. It has a 3000mAh capacity with 1.5A output and it comes in vibrant colors. There is no pricing yet but it is available in April. I find it strange. If you read the Press Release below, it says available in April and yet there is no pricing. I am going to check it out with them. BTW, I think it should come with a 2.0A output instead of 1.5A unless the price justifies it.

CP-V3A USB Portable Charger

Press Release

Power Up your Smartphone in Style with theCP-V3A Portable Charger from Sony

The improved CP-V3A USB Portable Charger has an increased battery capacity of 3,000mAh;

with vibrant hues to match your style

(SINGAPORE, 16 April 2014) – Building on the popularity of the previous 2,800mAh model, the new CP-V3A USB Portable Charger now boasts a larger battery capacity while still sporting the same compact design.

Targeting fashion-conscious smartphone users, the CP-V3A comes in the same 12 vivid colours for customers to choose from, but with an increased capacity of 3,000mAh that can give the smartphone one full charge, allowing users to stay connected with their friends and social networking sites.

Containing a Sony-made Lithium ion battery, the new charger utilises Sony’s Hybrid-Gel Technology, allowing it to retain more than 90 per cent of its capacity at 1,000 charges. With a high output of 1.5A for a speedy boost, the CP-V3A USB Portable Charger is ready-to-use straight out of its packaging, so even if you find yourself outdoor with a dying device, emergency power is immediately available upon purchase with the help of a micro-USB cable that comes with the Portable Charger.

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The new CP-V3A USB Portable Charger from Sony will be available in Singapore from April 2014 onwards.


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