Screenshots of WhatsApp Voice Call Feature Leaked

Check out the screenshots of WhatsApp with Call feature. It is not available yet. Not sure how long we will have to wait for this feature. I guess with so many competitors, WhatsApp has to do something to reinvent itself.


Actually, it is not a surprise if WhatsApp wanted to venture into call. Many other similar applications have already had this feature (Line, Viber and etc). What I am really interested in the future of WhatsApp after the acquisition by Facebook. In the recent update, WhatsApp has also introduced something that many did not notice. Check this out.


Yes, pay for a friend. Now you can pay for a friend. So far, I have not heard of anyone paying the app annually beside the initial payment. However, these signs are telling me that it will not be long before WhatsApp starts charging people. Will you pay a subscription to use WhatsApp?

(source via Ubergizmo)

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