Video shows Microsoft Cortana in action (video)

While Microsoft has not officially acknowledged the name Cortana as its latest voice assistant, there are news recently that actually shows the UI of Cortana. Now, this leaked video is the first time (for me) to see Cortana (or whatever name Microsoft wants it to be) in action. However, do note that voice is missing.


Check out the video.

Microsoft has been toying around the idea of a perfect voice assistant for some time. In Windows Phone, it introduces Tellme. In my opinion, it is already good but Tellme is without the “human” touch. In 2011, Microsoft showed off a video of the future Tellme. In the video, it shows a very interactive voice companion that understand your needs.

Now, in 2014, I hope Microsoft can come up with something they envisioned. Right now, I am just waiting patiently for their announcement.


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