Get ready for Xiaomi Mi 3 on 7th March

Xiaomi Mi 3 will be available from 12pm on 7th March 2014. As usual, it will be online. So, if you are really interested, make sure you are at your PC watching the Xiaomi Singapore website on 7th March 2014.


As many already know, the Xiaomi Redmi sold out in 8 minutes for the first batch and 6 minutes in the 2nd batch (third batch will be on the 13th March). I am expecting similar kind of results for Xiaomi Mi 3.

As mentioned, Mi 3 will be available this Friday at 12pm at S$419. It is a the higher end product as compared with Redmi. Do note that Mi 3 does not have LTE. Some highlights of the Mi 3. It comes with 16Gb memory and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz quad-core processor. It has a 5-inch full-HD IPS display, 13 MPX rear camera and a 2 MPX front camera.

Many may be frustrated on how Xiaomi market the product (limited quantity). I think it is not a bad idea to test the market and also to ensure that there is hunger for that product.

Here is the product introduction.

I did not see the Product Page on Xiaomi Singapore website as of this writing. Here is the link to the International version on Xiaomi Mi 3

Click Here to Check Out Xiaomi Mi 3

So, good luck to you if you are trying to the Xiaomi Mi3 this Friday.

PS: It will be good if Xiaomi can has LTE and also the 64GB version (which is available in China)


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