SingTel, StarHub, M1 to launch better 4G call services by this year

Yesterday, SingTel issued a media statement in regards to their VoLTE and LTE improvements. Following closely, StarHub sent to media a statement to mention that they are also in the midst to upgrade their systems. Today, I saw the news that M1 had responded that they will be doing a similar upgrade this year.


Here is the statement from StarHub.

StarHub successfully dialled Southeast Asia’s first VoLTE call on its 4G network in Plaza Singapura last December, and will launch VoLTE service commercially by mid-2014. StarHub is also upgrading its 4G network to LTE-Advanced in order to offer maximum download speeds of 300Mbps. This network upgrade is expected to complete by the end of the year.

Currently, while you are on a call, and you need to consume data (ie. Surfing the Internet), it will be using the 3G network. And if you are on 4G, whenever a call comes in, it will switch to 3G to allow the voice call. This will cause some lag in connecting the call.

With VoLTE, data and voice will be on 4G. Therefore, lag time will improve and consuming data while on voice call will be using the 4G network (faster).

Seems like the consumers are the winners here. Looking forward to this improvements.

You can click here to read the report from Straits Times