Top Technology Trends for 2014

What are your top technology trend predictions for 2014? For my prediction, it will be wearable tech and 4K display (TV, Camera, Mobile). PricePanda has compiled their own list. Check it out and see if they are similar to your prediction.


Top Technology Trends for 2014

Singapore, February 21th 2014 – Smaller, faster and more cloud based gadgets have been the trend in technology in 2013. Driven by these trends, the money spent on technologies does not seem to decline: According to a Forrester Research global spending on technologies will rise by 6.2% to USD 2.22 Trillion. But in which technologies will this huge amount of money flow? The price comparison website PricePanda compiled a list of the big trends of technological gadgets in 2014:

  1. Wearable technologies
    Smart watches like the Sony SmartWatch , life-logging cameras on our collars or fitness bands around the arm – this year electronic devices will be closer to us than ever before. So far over 300.000 smart watches have been sold. The latest models of smartwatches can even access the app store. Apps for smartwatches seem to become very successful as more than 3 million of them have been downloaded already.
  2. Phablets – the combination of phone and tablet
    Phablets which are a combination of a smartphone and a tablet will be very popular this year. Different from the trend to smaller storage devices like micro SDs, smartphones develop in the opposite direction and become phablets. Soon we will not have a smartphone, tablet and computer but only one device – a phablet. Already 25% of the top 20 search request PricePanda receives are phablets. ABI Research predicts sales of 200 million in 2015.
  3. 4K
    New definition 4K replaces HD. Whether it is a TV or a tablet that you use – with 4K the visual experience is four times better than with common UHD. Recently companies like Samsung offer gadgets with 4K display for affordable money. 12.7 Million 4K TVs are predicted to be sold this year. Chances are high that sales will even do better than that.
  4. Mobile gaming
    In 2014 top tablets include at least a Full-HD-Display and a quad-core-processor. The LG G Pad 8.3  – a tablet – transforms a TV via HDMI-cable into a smart TV. Connection with a gamepad via Bluetooth will make it a gaming console. That enables people to game wherever they are.
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