Twitter new Profile Redesign looks like Facebook and Google+

Recently, if you look at your Twitter Profile page on PC, you might notice some differences in terms of design. However, One of the Mashable assistant editors has a complete “make-over” on his Twitter Profile page.


Twitter might be testing out new design to small groups of people. I have to agree with Mashable in their report that it looks like Facebook and Google+. Don’t you think so?

Over the years, Twitter has become something bigger than the 140 characters messaging system it initially started out. I can attest that I receive more immediate news from Twitter nowadays than other media. With the new changes, it might make Twitter more interesting to read on laptops.

However, I hope that they will not change so much on mobile. I don’t need another Facebook. I need something that I can read fast since it is limited to its 140 characters.

Not sure if they will roll out this change. Maybe you can check out your profile page. You might be lucky enough to get selected for the exclusive look.