Singapore develops first driverless car for public roads (video)

Believe it or not, we may get driverless car on our public roads in the next few years. That is if everything goes well. However, based on the information, they are targeting NUS as the first testbed for such vehicles (since this is a joint SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) and NUS project).


You might have seen Google driverless car and others. I don’t think they will be coming soon. So, this driverless car system is the next best bet for Singapore.

Check out the video. It has wide angle sensors to halt itself when something/someone is in front of them. And they can “remember” the place. So, their next experience on the place will be much better since they already have database of it.

The project by SMART and NUS is targeted around Singapore aging society and also to act as a last/first mile solution. The car could be used to drive someone to nearby area and then proceed to the next location to pickup another person without using any driver. So, this might be a good solution for car sharing businesses (in the future).


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