What is your prediction for the next HTC Smartphone?

According to rumors, HTC might showcase their latest product in March 2014. At the moment, there is no leaked pictures or anything concrete. Internally, it might be called HTC M8. BTW, I am using HTC One. In my opinion, it is still the best phone around. Although there are issues with the camera, the short battery life, the design itself is a winner. I hope that HTC will not ditch the good design found on HTC One.


According to rumors, the new HTC model should have: –

  • 5 inches or larger screen
  • Better processor like Snapdragon 800 or Snapdragon 805
  • Twin-sensor rear Ultrapixel camera for better focus and image quality
  • 3GB RAM
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Unibody metal housing
  • Android 4.4 KitKat with latest version of HTC Sense.
  • 3000 mAh or more battery

My opinion: –

Fingerprint Sensor – If it is the same fingerprint sensor deployed on HTC One Max, they might as well remove it. It is not that they are no good. It is just that their competitor, Apple, has done such a wonderful integration that at this moment, none of the mobile phones can match it.

UltraPixel – I think I mentioned so many times. Pixel is Pixel. Please provide MORE pixels and add in a really good stabilizer.

Unibody – Please continue to use metal housing but NO-NO to the one on HTC One Max. I feel that the weight is really putting people off.

Screen size – I am ok with Screen Size from 4.7-inch and above. However, please ensure that the bezel is slim since it co-relate to the width and height of the device. Do not try to hide the empty space with black background. It doesn’t always work. And with the experience from HTC One Max, you know that you will get a large device as compared to other manufacturers.

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Internal Memory and Micro SD Card Slot – We need more memory. The more the merrier. 64GB will be sweet and an SDXC slot will be good (for now).

Hopefully, we can hear HTC  announcement on the successor in MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February 2014 🙂