Earth Hour is going Blue from February 2014 (video)

Earth Hour is introducing something new from February 2014. That is according to the news letter that I received and the information on their website.


Here are some information on Earth Hour Blue. If you want more information, sign up. You will get more information from 1st February, according to the information after I signed up.

For the past few years, Earth Hour has made an impact on the world thanks to the power of the crowd. But, for 2014, we want to make an even greater one with your help.

Come February 2014, we’ll be unleashing something different, bigger and bolder than before.

We’ll be unleashing Earth Hour Blue.
We’ll be unleashing your power.

Sign up below and be the first to access Earth Hour Blue via an exclusive password.

Watch the introductory video.

According to Telegraph, it has got to do with Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing projects.

For next year, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing is being rolled out where participants will raise money for green projects around the world, known as Earth Hour Blue.

Click Here to Earth Hour for More Information