MyRepublic launches 1 Gbps broadband services for only S$49.90 per month

MyRepublic is offering something that had not been done before. They are going to provide 1 Gbps broadband services starting from S$49.99 per month in Singapore. If you check all other providers, you will know that this is the GOLD standard for broadband service now.


Now, we can go side by side with countries like Japan, Korea who had been enjoying such fast speed broadband for some time already. This weekend, MyRepublic is inviting you to party with them in Orchard at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza (details in the picture above).

Here are some details on the package.


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Or check out the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

MyRepublic launches 1 Gbps for S$49.99/month, catapulting Singapore into one of the world’s leading consumer broadband markets – alongside South Korea and Japan

Singapore, January 14, 2014 – MyRepublic is proud to announce today that it will begin to offer 1Gbps broadband services to residential subscribers starting from S$49.99 per month. Besides new customers, existing MyRepublic subscribers will also given an option to upgrade to 1Gbps.

“MyRepublic has always been about bringing great Internet service to everybody,” says MyRepublic CEO Malcolm Rodrigues, “This means not just speed but accessibility as well. Ultra-fast fibre broadband should be accessible to everyone and we are excited to be the first ones to make the first push in this area.”

With this announcement, Singapore has become the first country to offer 1Gbps on a nationwide basis. Residential broadband customers will pay prices that are finally amongst the most affordable in the world, according to the International Telecoms Union (ITU). Even today, with the availability of fiber services across the Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGNBN), Singapore ranks 14th in the world for fixed broadband affordability.

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“When we talk about wanting to transform Singapore into a global leader in Internet connectivity, the tech-savvy always referred us to consumers in South Korea and Japan. These countries are well-known for having the best, most affordable Internet on the planet,” says MyRepublic CEO, Malcolm Rodrigues. “As of today, we are pioneering Singapore’s entry into this top tier group of countries.”

The launch of this service marks MyRepublic’s first ambitious service offer since it achieved Fixed Based Operator (FBO) status. Today, MyRepublic owns and operates its own tier 1 network infrastructure while using the last-mile, dark fibre of NBN-appointed OpenNet that is heavily regulated under a public-private partnership with the government of Singapore under NGNBN.

Announced in 2006, by the Prime Minister of Singapore, the Singapore NGNBN is the cornerstone of a strategic national economic blueprint, at the core of which lies the notion that ultra-fast broadband construction is a critical step in the drive towards a true Digital Economy. Regulated open-access of last-mile NGNBN infrastructure was designed to bring about more competition, better pricing, and innovation at the network services layer, enabling vibrant independent content and application producers and distributors – driving more jobs and exports – especially amongst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

MyRepublic was launched to challenge long-held attitudes amongst incumbent telcos around service experience, pricing and the enabling of an increasingly independent content and application eco-system which is driving an explosion of direct-to-consumer video delivery options.

Today’s announcement of the 1Gbps service at a mass-market price is the latest of a series of industry precedent-setting firsts for MyRepublic in Singapore. Over the last 18 months, MyRepublic has led the market in introducing competitively priced No-Contract plans, the removal of international traffic caps, and the pioneering of customised broadband plans for gamer and streamer segments. According to Rodrigues, “With an average of 12 Internet-enabled devices in the home, and the explosion of multi-source high-definition streaming video across those devices, 100Mbps is becoming increasingly obsolete.”

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The launch of a $49.99/month 1Gbps service to consumers in Singapore represents a clear next step in the drumbeat of disruption brought about by MyRepublic, with positive effects on Singapore as a technology hub and a nation. The vision is of Singapore as a Gigabit nation: with Singapore homes and businesses connected at 1Gbps, better innovation is encouraged, resulting new products and services. Singapore becomes a testbed to build and drive world-leading innovative services – a living lab.

“We want to help build a vibrant start-up community, the creation of new ICT jobs, and an increase in foreign investment,” says Rodrigues. To further support this innovation, MyRepublic is announcing the MyGigNation initiative ( While vital, MyGigNation is not just about delivering quality broadband, the initiative is also about enabling application developers and other industry players to fundamentally transform society.

MyRepublic will soon begin inviting entrepreneurs and developers to collaborate in transforming the nation. First up is the MyGigNation contest, where local companies will be invited to submit a proposal on what they aim to develop on the MyGigNation network. The top 10 applications will be invited to develop and test out their services in a MyRepublic-backed test lab. The best application or service will be selected in July 2014, with the winner receiving S$25,000 in marketing support and their service co-marketed with MyRepublic across its various go-to-market channels.

Today, with MyRepublic 1Gbps available to every consumer and business in Singapore at a mass market price, we have entered the top-tier of countries with ultra-fast internet connectivity. To celebrate, MyRepublic is holding party for everyone down at Orchard road on January 18th and 19th. All Singaporeans are invited to see what one can do with 1Gbps and to share the vision of a MyGigNation revolution.

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