Want a Google Glass? Check out Atheer One (video)

If you think Google Glass is cool, check out Atheer One. IMO, it is way cooler than Google Glass (not the form factor though) when it comes with real world interaction. Although it is still in development, you can own it by supporting it on Indiegogo.


Do note that the picture above is NOT the final product. It is still a prototype. Want to know what the developer envision Atheer One can do? Check out this video.

Here are the specs for Atheer Developer Kit and Atheer One


From the developer, wearing the Atheer One is like having a 26-inch 3D TV in front of you. I like this. However, it seems that you will need to connect a cable to the Android phone which is super uncool.

Hopefully they can ditch the cable (which I think will be a challenge). To support them, check out their Indiegogo page.

Click Here to Check Out Atheer One on Indiegogo

One last note. If this is going to be the way the future looks like, be ready to see stranger gesturing in the air. I am expecting to see some standardization in the future so that glasses can “talk” to one another.