The best and funniest Airlines Safety Video

If you have traveled on an airplane, how many times have you listened to their safety videos? Over the years, the airlines have been trying very hard to make people listen attentively to the safety announcement. Check out these few awesome airline safety videos.


They are innovative, funny and most probably will catch your attention. The latest to join the fun is Virgin America airline. Check out their safety video. It is like a musical, with important messages amidst the songs and dances.

The next one that I feel is interesting is Air New Zealand. They are using the characters from the movie, Hobbit. How appropriate.

There is one more I think is funny. It is from Air Asia. I believe it is an ad-hoc “performance” by the air steward. Super funny (if you understand asian accent in the English). I love it.

I believe there are some more. If you have them, please share, ok?


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