Picture of Nokia Lumia 1520 with Treasure Tag leaked

Another day, another leak of the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520. This time, it is showing off a gadget, Treasure Tag, and its accompanying app. With all these leaks, I am sure Lumia 1520 will be announced on the 22nd October event.


From the picture, you can see that the Treasure Tag is just a gadget that is linked via BlueTooth (most probably) to your phone. It will alert you if you are out of range with it.

Anyway, I am more interested in the Lumia 1520. Seems like it is slimmer, thanks to the 20 MPX camera instead of the 41MPX one on Lumia 1020. And the display seems more to the edge (which is good, BTW). Looking forward to hearing the announcement of this new device soon.


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