Do not let your smoker friends see this

I warn you. Do not try your luck to “impress” your smoker friends with the site that I am going to show. They might just go some where or tell you that it does not work on them.


If you have seen what most governments in the world are trying, in terms of discouraging the people not to smoke, there are a few “innovative” ways. For example, showing the illness or effects of smoking on the packaging. Some even resort to using similar dull packaging on different brands to discourage smokers.

I don’t know about you. As a non-smoker, I am not quite convinced about it.

This website, Tobacco Body, is trying to discourage you to smoke based on appearance. However, don’t jump to conclusion that some smokers are not bothered by their appearance. It focus on a few areas of the body. There is a slider for you to slide left or right for you to see the before and after. There is also a magnifying tool to let you see it closer. You can click on the items to read more about them.


My question to the smokers:

Will it Work??

There is no other information on the site on who they are, how they gather the results. Graphically, it seems to strike a cord for those who treasure their appearance.

Click Here to Tobacco Body