Get the JUICIES+ cable for your smartphone (video)

If you are thinking of getting a premium looking data/charging cable for your awesome smartphone, check out JUICES+. It is one of the nicest looking cables around. However, it is not yet available unless you support it. Yes, it is crowd sourcing time on Kickstarter.


When Hannes (One of the founder) approached me to consider sharing this awesome product on TechieLobang, I wanted to buy it immediately. However, the project wasn’t even “live”.

One day after it went “live”, all the 500 “Early Bird” slots are gone. As of this writing, they are through the half-way mark to reach their target of USD40,000 and there is still 59 days more to go. That could only mean one thing. People like premium quality cables for their smartphones.

So, what’s so special about the JUICIES+ cable. Well, it does the usual things (Data transfer and charging). However, it is made to feel and look good. It’s connector is made of sandblasted anodized aluminum with flexible tangle free woven cable.

It comes in 2 configuration. One is the lightning connector for iOS products and the other is the Micro USB connector for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones. It comes in Black or Silver.


One of the assurances, in my opinion, about getting the product on time and with the expected quality is that this is not their first Kickstarter project on cables. They already have the means to get the certified connector parts (for Apple products) and the experiences to deliver them to supporters.

For those who needs technical details, here is some information.

Technical Details and Charging Speed

  • While most USB cables are 3ft, we decided on a total cable length of 4ft. This additional foot ensures that you have just enough length to reach from wall plug to desktop or nightstand.
  • On the inside of the cable is a wire mesh. This makes the cable very strong and allows us to get the MFi certification even with the woven material on the outside.
  • The actual wires on the inside of the cable are rated for 4+ Amps! So no matter whether you are using a standard 12V car plug or a high-power 20 Watt wall outlet such as the one that comes with the iPad 4, your JUICIES+ cable allows for the fastest charge times possible.
  • The actual connector parts get an additional rubber overmold before being inserted into the aluminium housings. This ensures a perfect fit and protects from electrical interference.

Enough said, here is the video about their project.

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If you like what you see, support them.

Click Here to JUICIES+ on Kickstarter