Get your free “Snakes of Singapore” App on iOS and Android

Want to know more about the snakes in Singapore? Now, you can find out by downloading this “Snakes of Singapore” app by WRS (Wildlife Reserves Singapore). It is available on iOS as well as on Android.


Here are part of the description of this app:

Did you know Singapore has around 70 species of snakes? About 20 of these are quite common and many are very beautiful. Snakes of Singapore contains a world-first identification guide for these commonly-encountered snakes in Singapore. Identify a snake and learn what to do when you see one. Browse the full list of snakes, including venomous snakes, and discover things about snakes you probably didn’t know (eg. did you know snakes are considered sacred to many religions and ancient cultures?).

Filled with high resolution photographs from the region’s best reptile photographers and scientists, find out more about the beautiful snakes of Singapore in this fun educational app.

Click Here to Get the Free “Snakes of Singapore” App


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