McDonald’s Singing Bone Hello Kitty bid for S$126,000 on eBay (video)

Singaporeans queue up for masks due to haze, which is understandable. Now, Singaporeans are queuing up for Hello Kitty. As the Singing Bone Hello Kitty from McDonald’s is the last of the series, it had attracted the most people (I believe improvement of the haze condition also makes more people willing to queue up in the open).


Many people are getting these toys (by buying a meal from McDonald’s and paying additional S$4.95 for each) as collectibles.  However, some are just profiting from them by selling on Craigslist or eBay. One such seller meets his match as the bid price skyrocketed to S$126,000 within a day. I do not think that this transaction will go through. Who in the right mind will want to spend so much on a toy. BTW, here is the series.

Screen Grab from R3LOAD Network video

The bidding started at just S$8.99 and it started to spiral out of control after reaching the S$1K mark. Based on the initials, I think only a few of them are “playing” the system.


Here is a screenshot 1 hr 6 mins before bidding ends.


7 mins later.


Here is a video from R3LOAD Network to show you how crazy Singaporeans are (last night).

Some area in Singapore, tension brews because of this mouthless cat-like doll.

Will you pay more than the stated price for a toy that is supposedly a gift for buying a full meal from McDonald’s?? Love to hear your views.