Sony launches VAIO Duo 13 and Pro 13/11 Ultrabook in Singapore

Today, Sony unveils their summer 2013 range of products. These includes the VAIO Duo 13 and the VAIO Pro 13 and VAIO Pro 11 (at only 0.87kg) which are the highlights during the Computex 2013 recently. Continue reading for more information with pricing and specs.

Sony VAIO Duo 13

Press Release

Sony Unveils VAIO® Duo 13 and VAIO® Pro 13/11 Ultrabook

Offering new ways to use your PC in different scenes, whether for work or play

(SINGAPORE, 13 June 2013) – Sony Corporation (“Sony”) today announced new additions to the summer 2013 VAIO line-up with the introduction of VAIO® Duo 13 and VAIO® Pro 13/11. Designed to enhance individuals’ lifestyles, the new slider hybrid PC, VAIO® Duo 13, and mobile VAIO® Pro 13/11 complete the line-up of existing entertainment-centered VAIO® Fit 15.

The VAIO® Duo 13 and VAIO® Pro 13/11 harness Sony’s innovative display, digital imaging, and sound technology, while providing a choice of new personal computing experiences. “Our aim is to provide customers with a variety of new ways to use their PCs by combining powerful Sony technologies with new form factors,” said Ryosuke Akahane, SVP and President of VAIO & Mobile Business Group. “We’re aiming to make devices that will enhance and enrich individuals’ lifestyles in both work and play. One example is the VAIO® Duo 13’s camera functionality which has the ability to take crisp images of documents using the computer’s camera as if it were a scanner. Images are clear enough to recognise and tag text, allowing for easier, more effective and efficient searching and editing.”

VAIO® Duo 13

The VAIO® Duo 13 is a slider hybrid Ultrabook which provides a multitude of new user solutions with its unique form factor as well as accurate and versatile pen solution.

Surf Slider design

Sony VAIO Duo 13

The unique Surf Slider design of the VAIO® Duo 13 allows for a quick and seamless transition between slate and keyboard modes. Sliding the screen back while in slate mode reveals a keyboard as well as a touch pad and returning it to its original position will put the VAIO® Duo 13 back in slate mode, favouring touch and pen manipulation. While in slate mode, users can easily operate the VAIO® Duo 13 by touching it or using its digitizer stylus, whilst keyboard mode perfectly accommodates conventional PC usage such as quickly editing documents. The convenience of slate mode, combined with the efficiency of keyboard mode, creates a greatly improved PC experience.

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Active even during sleep, and longest[1] battery life[2] 

VAIO® Duo 13’s innovative standby technology offers many advantages. For example, its constant connection to the internet, even while in sleep mode, gives it the ability to continue updating applications and receive emails when it’s asleep. On top of this, the VAIO® Duo 13 is able to wake from sleep mode in less than one second, eliminating the need to wait for the notebook to resume.

However, the most incredible part of this technology is that VAIO® Duo 13 is able to provide these benefits without compromising battery life. On the contrary, the VAIO® Duo 13 has the longest1 battery life2 when compared with any Ultrabook.

Camera and pen solutions

The 8M built-in rear camera featuring the “Exmor RS for PC” image sensor has made it possible, for the very first time, to take images of documents clear enough for the computer to recognise and tag text. By including the “Exmor RS for PC” image sensor in the camera of the VAIO Duo® 13, Sony has made it possible to tag text in photos taken of documents and blackboards. This ability, combined with the “CamScanner” application, allows the VAIO® Duo 13 to be used as if it were a scanner – snapping, tagging and saving pictures of documents and whiteboards with ease. “CamScanner” also has the ability to straighten images of documents and photos taken at odd angles; allowing individuals to focus on taking photos of important material instead of trying to line up the perfect shot.

The OptiContrast panel on the VAIO® Duo 13 allows for a more accurate and natural writing experience when using the digitizer stylus. The digitizer stylus enables users to take notes using the memo-taking application, “Note Anytime for VAIO”, or easily create their own works in “Active Clip” using pictures stored on their PC.

High resolution picture and high-fidelity sound

TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile allows users access to a wide palette of rich natural colours thanks to Sony’s BRAVIA expertise. This technology has made it possible to express differences in colour more accurately. It can display the subtle differences of various reds, blues, and greens, as well as emerald green. For example, TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile has the ability to reproduce a variety of reds found in a rose or blues in the sky.

Users are in for a treat when they combine TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile with a full HD display and Sony’s super resolution technology, X-Reality for mobile. X-Reality for mobile analyses each image and reproduces lacking pixels to optimise quality for the sharpest videos. It analyses elements depending on the scene and adjusts them based on pattern, outline and colour composition. It strengthens subtle patterns and accurately portrays their detailed feel, while reinforcing bold outlines. It also enhances colour composition, vividly reproducing hard-to-display natural colours.

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These display technologies fuse with the audio enhancing ClearAudio+ mode[3] to offer an audio-visual experience that can’t be easily replicated. ClearAudio+ mode, developed with Sony’s own signal processing technologies, allows users to effortlessly enjoy audio quality that is distinctly Sony. By simply activating ClearAudio+ mode, users can enjoy Sony’s recommended sound in ultimate clarity and presence.

VAIO® Pro 13/11

VAIO® Pro 13/11, the world’s lightest[4] touch-capable Ultrabook models in their respective classes, exhibit incredible durability and mobility.

Sony VAIO Pro

Light and thin design

VAIO® Pro 13/11 are the lightest4 touch capable Ultrabook™ in their respective classes. By using carbon fiber throughout the case, the touch enabled VAIO® Pro 11 achieves the light weight of 0.870 kg (approx.) and the touch enabled VAIO® Pro 13 achieves a weight of only 1.060 kg (approx.).

Structural durability

The VAIO® Pro 13/11’s uni-direction carbon fibre body and Hexa-shell design provides the additional durability required for a mobile PC.

Comfortable keyboard

The VAIO® Pro 13/11 models also feature a wide key pitch and stroke to allow for an extremely natural typing experience. Additionally, VAIO® Pro 13/11 utilise a unique palm rest that gradually merges into the desk allowing for unrivalled comfort while typing.

High resolution picture & high-fidelity sound

TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile allows users access to a wide palette of rich natural colours thanks to Sony’s BRAVIA expertise. Combine this with a full HD display and Sony’s super resolution technology, X-Reality for mobile, and users are in for a treat. X-Reality for mobile analyses each image and reproduces lacking pixels to optimise quality for the sharpest videos.

These technologies, fused with the audio enhancing ClearAudio+ mode, offer an audio-visual experience that can’t be easily replicated. ClearAudio+ mode was developed with Sony’s own signal processing technologies, enabling users to enjoy Sony’s recommended sound.

One touch functions

With One-touch[5] listening, included in all of the Summer 2013 VAIO models, users can seamlessly transfer music playing on their VAIO to a wide variety of NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible[6]  devices, ensuring that they continue enjoying the music right where they left off.


The new VAIO notebooks will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets in Singapore from the following dates and for the recommended retail prices stated below:

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VAIO Duo 13 Specifications Sheet


VAIO Pro 13 Specifications Sheet


VAIO Pro 11 Specifications Sheet


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[1] As of 5 June, 2013
[2] The battery life is 15 hours in MobileMark® 2007. This is equal to 18 hours based on JEITA-BAT1.0, 11 hours in JEITA-BAT1.0 (a) and 10 hours in MobileMark® 2012. The actual battery run time will vary depending on the settings and usage condition.
[3] This function will be offered via an update planned for a later date. Please check your local Sony website for more details
[4] As of 5 June, 2013, in the touch capable 11/13 inch Ultrabook™ class
[5] Sony’s One-touch listening incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
[6] Sony One-touch listening compatible devices