Features comparison with iPad and Windows 8 tablet (video)

If you like the previous post of Microsoft provoking the hates of Apple fans by using the Siri voice to mention things that iPad cannot do, this video is going to do the same thing but with actual reference to a tablet model and showing off the features one by one.


Again, I have to say that this series of videos by Microsoft is one of the few that most people will like. It is clear and simple. Maybe some haters will do a parody to show the weakness of the Windows 8 tablets.

In the meanwhile, I hope Microsoft will not do too many of these videos. Sometimes, less is more. We already got what you want to say. Try to improve the apps eco-structure of the Windows store. It will be much appreciated.

Here is the video.

Now I am waiting patiently for a tablet that runs on Windows Blue (Windows 8.1), has Intel Haswell processor, LTE connection and nice design like the Microsoft Surface. That will be perfect.


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