BlackBerry Q10 arrives in Singapore

BlackBerry Q10 will be available in Singapore end-May at S$898. For those who do not know BlackBerry Q10, it is a QWERTY keyboard, candy bar smartphone running on BlackBerry 10 OS (same OS as BlackBerry Z10).


This is great news for those who are waiting patiently for BlackBerry to release this physical keyboard version of smartphone. Here is the specs for a start.


Yesterday, there was a media event to have more understanding of the device. I was unable to attend. Here are the pointers provided to me.

Designed for ultimate performance

BlackBerry® 10.1: Taking your BlackBerry experience to the next level!

BlackBerry 10.1 OS, which is built to enhance your BlackBerry 10 experience further, allows you to enjoy multitasking and strong communication functionality on the BlackBerry Q10 with ease. With this update, you would be able to see enhancements for the Hub, Camera, Phone, Calendar and Notifications, as well as support for additional IT policies and controls for customers connected to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

  1. Instant Action: The BlackBerry Q10 also features the new Instant Action, a time-­‐saving feature that allows you to type and perform tasks faster by using shortcuts. From the Home screen, you can simply start typing to search, or type “email John” to compose a message. Together, the classic BlackBerry Keyboard and Instant Action make it easy for commands to be taken quickly and directly from the Home screen. This includes, predetermined set of commands launching into applications with faster and better context.
  2. Camera: The 10.1 update will provide your camera with a high dynamic range (HDR) mode. This allows a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. You will also be able to enjoy the improved red-­‐eye and golden-­‐eye removal in picture editor to enhance
    your pictures.
  3. BlackBerry Hub: Now you will be able to receive and read attached emails (.eml format) within your emails. As part of the experience, you will also be able to check on the contact suggestions as you are composing a new message. In addition to that, you are now able to send PIN to PIN messages with ease.
  4. Notifications: We understand how personalization is important to every user, thus you are now able to customize the vibration sequence per contact and per account. Simultaneously, you are able to personalize account specific notifications for messages and contact specific notifications volume control using your volume keys.

Information on BlackBerry Q10