Terrafugia 3-in-1 TF-X flying car coming soon? (video)

We have been talking about Flying Car for so many years that any talk about it might seems like a hoax. Terrafugia continues to follow this dream with the TF-X. It is a 3-in-1 flying car (car, helicopter, aircraft).


It looks great on the video. But you will need to wait 7 to 8 years (2020) for it to be commercialized. It is supposedly to have a range of 500 miles and can travel at 200 MPH. It can hover from the spot and turn to its jet engine once it is in the air. Here is the video.

Before you dismiss it as just a wild dream, here is something they had built a few years ago (yes, a flying car – Transition(R)).

Lets continue to hold this dream of a world like The Jetsons.

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