Innergie PocketCell Duo review, why you should get it

This has been a long pending review on the Innergie PocketCell Duo. For those who do not know, Innergie PocketCell Duo is a 6,800 mAh portable battery with 2 USB slots. What differentiates it from the many portable batteries out there are: Small, light, 2 x2.1A USB port, protection features to prevent damage to your devices.


Here are some pictures of it.

Front view

You can see 2 x 2.1A USB port (output – to charge other devices) and a Micro USB port (input – to charge the portable battery)


Here is the battery indicator.


And here is the cable that is provided. It is called the Innergie Magic Cable Trio – Charge & Sync 3-in-1 USB Cable.


Here is a picture when I unplugged all of the 3 tips for a better view.  You can see the Mini USB, Micro USB & Apple 30-pin connector.


I had it for a few months already. Many who had seen it love the slim design. However, when they know about the price (S$139), many told me they would rather buy another brand that is cheaper but with same or higher capacity.

Before you dismiss this product as too expensive, it is important to understand the features of a portable battery. Apart from the capacity, there are a few things to take note (in my opinion).

  • Output rating
  • Number of ports
  • Charging means
  • Protection circuits

I think many do not check the output rating. In today’s smartphone, the charging current is usually above 1A. If you have a portable battery with only 500mA output, it will take longer time to charge the device.

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I also think many will not be bothered with protection features on a portable battery. Imagine a device that has a standard charging of 1.5A and put into a 2.1A output port to charge without protection features. I am sure the device will be damaged over time due to over current (in this example).

This is exactly why I like the Innergie PocketCell Duo. I may sound like over-selling this product. You have to check out the specifications to understand why I say so.


  • DC Input: 5V DC / 1.5A
  • USB Output: USB 1: 5V DC / 2.1A; USB 2: 5V DC / 2.1A
  • Output Power: 21W
  • Power Capacity: 6,800mAh
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 93.3 x 42.2 x 23 (mm)
  • Weight: 132.5g
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Built-in Protection: OCP (Over Current Protection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection)

As you can see, it has built in protection for over current, over voltage, over temperature, over power and even short circuit. Every time I use the Innergie PocketCell Duo, I have peace of mind. Another thing that you might not notice. In the description at the back of the Innergie PocketCell Duo, it states that it has two independent battery with 3,400 mAh each). I think this will be good as the output ports might not be affected with devices of different input rating.


To show you how small the Innergie PocketCell Duo is, here is a picture of the HTC One and the battery.


I did a short video on how to use the Innergie PocketCell Duo.

The time to charge up the Innergie PocketCell Duo varies depending on the input. I have done two tests using the computer 5V, 500mAh USB Port. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to charge the battery from flat to full. So, do it this way if only you have time. Otherwise, you can use your phone charger to charge it.

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As it is using two independent battery, there is no problem charging an iPad and my Samsung GALAXY Note.


Overall, I think the Innergie PocketCell Duo is a great product in terms of design and features. However, the price factor may put many off. I like the idea of the multi-tip cable that is provided. However, I have (many times) accidentally caused the different parts to drop out. It is not a big problem but it can be better if the latches/hinges are more secured.

Innergie PocketCell Duo is one of the few that has two 2.1A ports. This is important as many will want their devices to be charged in the fastest time. With the protection features, it helps the user to protect their devices too.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good quality portable battery.