Japan to premiere Iron Man 3 in 4D Movie Theater

Japan is going to premiere Iron Man 3 in Korona World’s 4D movie theater that is equipped with 4DX technology. Movie goers will experience motion, humidity, aromas, strobes, bubbles and additional effects during the movie. Of course, not forgetting that the seat will move in-sync with the actions in the movie.


Some more details about the 4Dx experience.

As for senses portion of the 4D experience, a panel will be placed at the front of each seat which will have a fan for wind effects, a mister for water, lights and an aromatic system that can provide up to 1,000 different unique scents.

Korona World will be opening the country’s first full-body, immersive 4D movie theater on April 26 and the first movie is Iron Man 3. Judging from the Iron Man 3 trailer, I wonder if those movie goers will feel tired after the movie or not. Here is the Iron Man 3 trailer.

I want a 4Dx theater NOW!


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