Instagram picture of Lone Star stabber in restraint

Kudos to @cheesin365 for nabbing the Lone Star College’s stabber. Usually, when stabbing occurs in a school, most will run for their life. This guy actually went after him and managed to subdue him (with the help of others) and he actually uploaded a picture of that guy (face down on the floor) to the picture sharing network, Instagram.


However, I am not here to promote heroism by risking personal life. If anyone is in such situation, run! Do not do this for a day of fame. Nevertheless, this incident demonstrated the power of Social Media. Immediately after the picture was posted, thousands of “likes” were received. And @cheesin365 did not fail to use this incident to taut the authority by using the hashtags like #copsaretooslow and #lonestarstabbing,

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