Facebook introduces Facebook Home for Android (video)

Facebook today made an announcement. They are introducing Facebook Home. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Home is people eccentric rather than apps eccentric.


Here is the intro video.

With Facebook Home, it will be the first thing you see on your phone when you turn on the screen. Information will always be updating (behind the scene) and you can just swipe it to get to the next news. Facebook called it the Cover Feed. This Cover Feed will (sort of) overlay the OS of the phone.


Interaction is always on the main screen. You can swipe to dismiss them.


If you need to launch an app, you can use the App Launcher. By pressing on your profile picture, you will get options to message someone, open apps or use your recent apps.


Click on the Apps, you will get this familiar screen.


Another cool feature of the Facebook Home is Chat Heads. When a message comes in (it can be your SMS or Messenger), a head of the person sending the message will pop up. When you open an app, the Chat Heads will continue to be available so that you can continue to chat.


You can also do multiple person conversation.


So, when will Facebook Home be available? It will be available from 12th April 2013. You can get it on Google Play Store or through the latest Facebook app (on Android of course). Tablet version will come later in “a few months”.

Facebook is committed to bring the best experience for Facebook Home. Facebook Home will be updated (with more features) every month.

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Here are some handsets that will get Facebook Home when it launches (obviously not HTC One or Samsung GALAXY S4).


Facebook also announces Facebook Home Program. What it means is that future phones will come with Facebook Home pre-installed.


Some makers are already committed to Facebook Home.


With this announcement, Facebook also welcomes Peter Chou from HTC to introduce their latest HTC phone with Facebook Home. It is non other than HTC first.


The HTC first has LTE (for AT&T) when launched. AT&T will launch it on the 12th April 2013 and pre-order starts now.


The HTC first will come with 4 colors.


That is it. I think I almost cover everything on Facebook Home.

 Click Here to Facebook Home