YouTube shutdown prank is introduction to new MixBit video service

YouTube announced yesterday that they are shutting down from 1st April 2013 and they will spend the next 10 years to choose a winner from all the uploaded videos. Of course, everyone knows that it is a April Fools’ Day joke. However, not many expect Chad Hurley, CEO of YouTube, to use it as a way to introduce MixBit, a new video service.


There is not much information on MixBit. Based on the page, it seems that it is a video creation service. According to CNET, Hurley might have spoken about this service befor.

MixBit could be the same service Hurley spoke about at the South by Southwest Interactive conference earlier this month. AdWeek reported that Hurley spoke about a collaboration platform for video that wouldn’t be a YouTube competitor.

Here is the actual Tweet from Chad Hurley on the MixBit site.

I have already subscribed to their mailing list. Hopefully we can hope something soon.


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