Nokia Stephen Elop throws an iPhone on TV (video)

Nokia Stephen Elop went on a Finnish TV program recently. He was being questioned on the Nokia Lumia 928, something that he did not deny or want to answer. When the presenter pressed on, saying that he wanted to change his iPhone to a Nokia Lumia, Stephen took it from his hand and gently “throw” it on the floor (you can hear the sound). It is interesting, of course depending on the angle you look at the situation.


Here is the video.

Actually, there are a lot more details of the Interview but I think this is one of the interesting part.

Click Here to read the full transcript of the interview

During the Interview, Stephen kept saying about more beautiful phones coming in the near future. However, I think he needs to talk to Microsoft about the pathetic Windows Phone Store. I believe if the store is “stocked up” with apps, people will flock to it. Overall, I think that Windows Phone has good potential on its OS.