Why did Apple launch “Why iPhone” page?

Apple has launched a “Why iPhone” page to tell the world that iPhone is the start of everything (There’s iPhone, and then there’s everything else). Many are wondering why Apple needs to launch such a page.


Why would Apple want to launch a page to remind people how “awesome” the phone is? Previously, with every iPhone launch, iPhone has set the bar higher for competitors (like first app store, capacitive touchscreen, retina display and etc).

However, I could not say the same for recent launches. Samsung is gaining fast and Android OS is gaining fans around the World. Although with the the launch of Samsung GALAXY S4, there are mixed reviews on Samsung latest handset. Some thinks that GALAXY S4 is not interesting, others can’t wait to get a hand on it, it did not stop Apple from launching the “Why iPhone” page at the same time.

Is Apple worried about the competition? My guesss is “YES“. If not, why would they bother to “remind” us about the features of iPhone? I actually agree with some of the statements that they made. However, I am curious with some statement like:

“Only iPhone has Siri” – That is a redundant statement as Siri is not available elsewhere sinceĀ  Apple did not release it anywhere.

“The world’s most popular camera” – This is only reference to Flickr.

“The world’s most advanced mobile operating system” – Seriously, how do you define “advanced”? The features they described is actually available on other OSes and the others is like a bit “lame” IMO.

Don’t get me wrong. I think iPhone is a great product. I love the details that Apple has put into every iPhone (except iPhone 5). The ecosystem (app store) is tip-top. The OS is very stable. However, I think Apple has played it too hard this time by launching the page. In my opinion, it cheapens the image of Apple. Before the launch of this page, I was thinking Apple will just kill the noise from the competitors by launching an awesome product in their next launch (ie. iPhone 5s or iPhone 6). However, it seems that it might not be the case. In anyway, they should just let the phone or users do the talking. Let me know if you disagree. Here is the link to the “Why iPhone” page.