Picky app helps picky users choose restaurants intelligently

Picky over restaurants to eat everyday? Well, Picky app is going to help you with it. You see, this Picky app is intelligent enough to learn the users’ preferences and pick the restaurants that is suitable. Over time, it will become more accurate in choosing over the 10,000 restaurants in its database


Picky App Helps Diners Pick Restaurants When They Are Feeling Peckish

Beautiful new app takes a fresh approach to dining recommendations.

1 March 2013 – Experience a new way to discover restaurants you’ll love with Picky, a smart and beautiful new free app for iPhone that helps you decide on where to go for lunch, dinner or any other occasion based on your own taste, mood and preferences. In a nutshell, it’s answering the question we’ve been asking ourselves daily… “What to eat?”.

It’s Intelligent

Powered by an intelligent engine, Picky helps take the dilemma of where to dine by giving recommendations based on users’ taste and personal preferences. When users rate restaurants, Picky learns their preferences and recommends restaurants they are most likely to enjoy. So the more they use Picky, the more accurate the recommendations. It’s just like asking a buddy for suggestions!

It’s Smart

Pressed for time? Craving for something spicy? Looking for something fancy? Picky has a smart feature called “QuickPicks” which are a selection of one-click options to help users find what their looking for based on their current location, mood or other dining requirements.

It’s Convenient

With more than 10,000 restaurants in our database, Picky brings together restaurant information, telephone numbers, maps, photos, reviews, ratings and dining offers… all the essential information a user needs to help them decide on where to go. No more searching multiple apps or websites when you only need one!

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It’s Social

Picky also lets users share their favourite food finds with the Picky “Snap & Share” function. Equipped with 8 subtle photo filters that are optimized for food photography using the iPhone camera, Picky’s “ Snap & Share” helps food shots look delicious (because not all food looks good with a ‘Retro’ filter). Users can also share their photos on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in upcoming versions.

Available now as a free download on the Singapore iTunes App Store, Picky also aims to make dining out a more fun and social experience with exciting new features coming up in Q2 2013.


Angel-funded Picky Pte Ltd was incorporated in October 2013 by serial entrepreneur Mr Lee Ken Ming, who is also the founder of PocketDeals which is the maker of one of Singapore’s top apps, Popcorn with over 550,000 downloads, 4.5 star rating and more than 2,500 reviews on iTunes and Google Play. Picky’s mission is to help people eat well and have better dining experiences, while saving time and money.

“It’s a perrenial problem that we’ve all faced…” says Picky founder Ken Ming. “Despite being surrounded by great food in Singapore, we are often stuck on where to eat when it comes to lunch or dinner time. While there are many dining websites and apps out there, there were none that really worked in helping us in making these daily decisions. This was the inspiration behind Picky.”

Picky is the ultimate complete dining companion; aiming to provide a beautiful and effortless journey to locating delicious dining for all food lovers. Powered by a learning engine that learns and adapts to your liking, the more you use Picky, the better the recommendations. No need to use multiple apps for restaurant information, news, promotions and reservations… everything you need is a touch of an icon and at your fingertips.

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Website: www.picky-app.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pickyapp

Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/picky-dining-guide/id577736059