Endomondo Sports Tracker for Windows Phone updated

For those fitness fanatic out there using Windows Phone 8, here is some good news for you. Endomondo has updated its Endomondo Sports Tracker to include background GPS. That means that you can switch between apps and not worrying that the Endomondo Sports Tracker app will stop tracking your position.


Previously, the app will be active under lock screen or in the foreground only. If there is an incoming call, it will temporary stop the GPS from tracking. Sometimes, when I use the app, I accidentally switch the screen and realize it a few kilometers away. It was too late as the GPS stopped working and the distance was not registered.

Thanks to the upgrade, I hope there will not be any problem again. BTW, the feature I describe is applicable only to Windows Phone 8 and not Windows Phone 7.5.

Here are the features of this app: –

  • Track any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed and calories
  • Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising
  • Set a distance goal and have the audio coach speak to that as your target
  • See your route on a map
  • View history of workouts and study split times per km or mile
  • Keep a log of your music playlist for each workout
  • Get live peptalks from friends – they write a short text on our website which is then read out loud to you seconds later
  • Check out the newsfeed with recent workouts done by your friends and comment on their activities
  • Share selected workouts on Facebook or set up auto-sharing of all workouts
  • Show a LiveTile with History and/or Newsfeed updates on your phone’s main screen
  • Set the app to pause automatically when you are not moving
  • Enter a workout manually, e.g., a treadmill run, spinning or weight training
  • Customize the main screen to show the information that you find most valuable
  • Enable countdown
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The app is free. You can download from the link below.

Click Here to Download Endomondo Sports Tracker for Windows Phone 8