Canon launches Legria HF G25 and Legria HF R46 Camcorder

Canon launches two new Legria camcorders. They are the Legria HF G25 Prosumer camcorder and the Legria HF R46 camcorder. There is no availability date or pricing at this moment.


Here is the Press Release. Check out the Baby Mode and the CameraAccess App for iOS and Android.

Create Beautiful VideosEasily with two new Canon camcorders – New Flagship LEGRIA HF G25 has the Perfect Balance of Manual Controls and Auto Features

The new LEGRIA HF R46 comes with the novel Baby Mode that captures the wonderful milestones of a baby’s development

SINGAPORE, 6 March 2013 – Canon Singapore has launched two new LEGRIA AVCHD Flash memory camcorders, the LEGRIA HF G25 and LEGRIA HF R46, for consumers seeking to capture and create great movies. The new “prosumer” LEGRIA HF G25 has an array of manual functions and expandability options to aid in the realisation of a discerning videographer’s creative vision while the LEGRIA HF R46 includes a new Baby Mode designed for chronicling a child’s growing up years.

“The LEGRIA HF G25 is a versatile camcorder with an array of manual functions and expandability options to enable aspiring videographers to capture a movie as they envision. The various filters available also enable users to enhance the feel of the movies. Parents and parents-to-be will find the features of the LEGRIA HF R46 exciting as it is designed to record every little step of a child’s development,” said Andrew Koh, Senior Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Products Group, Canon Singapore.

Powerful Images In Your Hands

The LEGRIA HF G25 records high-quality Full-HD videos with improved hardware and new design features, making it an ideal camcorder for many situations. Users can capture exquisite images with its enhanced 2.37 megapixel HD CMOS Pro imaging sensor, DIGIC DV III processor and a 30.4mm wide-angle 10x zoom lens. The HD CMOS Pro sensor is a large high-performance imaging sensor that is adapted from Canon’s professional camcorders – this sensor is 20 percent more sensitive than the previous model, the LEGRIA HF G10, which means it functions more effectively in both low-light environments and scenes that require a high dynamic range.

Similarly, with the LEGRIA HF R46, every detail of an event can be accurately recorded as it captures videos with superb Full-HD image quality. It has a powerful 3.28-megapixel HD CMOS sensor to shoot videos that are sharp, rich in colour reproduction, and with minimal video noise. The 32x optical zoom lens, in addition to the new Advanced Zoom feature, allows it to reach 53x zoom to capture distant objects. With the new DIGIC DV 4 processor, dual recording can be performed in both AVCHD and MP4 format. AVCHD is a high quality format suited for viewing on large-screen TVs and archiving onto Blu-ray discs, while MP4 is a popular format suited for uploading onto websites like YouTube and Facebook or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

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The New Baby Mode For Parents

Baby Mode provides parents with the optimum guidance and intuitive settings, such as the Dynamic IS (part of Intelligent IS) and Pre REC function, to help capture the baby in the best possible light as well as to ensure users never miss a single precious moment. It also provides optimal settings to record a baby’s footages, such as the Pre REC, Intelligent IS and best picture settings for babies.

The newly-improved Dynamic IS compensates for camera shake along five axes: roll, horizontal roll, and vertical roll on top of the existing up/down and left/right correction. This reduces camera shake from walking or chasing after the little one which would be a boon for most parents. Furthermore, the Pre REC Mode automatically captures a three-second video, even before the record button is pressed — this safeguards against parents missing a cute baby moment due to delayed reflexes.

By entering a baby’s birth date, the LEGRIA HF R46 automatically calculates the number of days after the birth date and reflects it in timestamp. Additional stamps can also be added to indicate height and weight to further track the baby’s development. All videos recorded in Baby Mode are saved chronologically and automatically organised into the “baby album”, making it easy to differentiate the baby videos from the others.

Realising What You Envision

The LEGRIA HF R46 records fluid and smooth Full-HD video at 50 frames per second in progressive scan, recording even fast-moving subjects clearly and in perfect detail. When using the MP4 format, the LEGRIA HF R46 will record video at a bitrate of 35Mbps – a large step up from the previous model’s 9Mbps. This results in better color gradations and detail.

The LEGRIA HF G25, which has a built-in 32GB internal flash memory with dual memory card slots, goes beyond a point-and-shoot camcorder; users can custom control the dials and are able to manually tweak the aperture, shutter speed and gain settings using either the touch panel or a custom dial that is easily accessible by the user’s right thumb. This means that exposure and the depth-of-field can be set to user’s desired levels. In addition, an eight-blade iris diaphragm allows the LEGRIA HF G25 to achieve professional-looking, circular, bokeh-blur effects.

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The LEGRIA HF G25 also comes with an array of manual functions and expandable options for every discerning videographer to realise his or her creative vision.

To counter camera shakes, the LEGRIA HF G25 is built with the Intelligent IS system. This can detect the shooting conditions, and switch to one of four IS modes – Dynamic mode, Powered IS, Macro IS and Tripod mode, for optimal stability.

For ideal sound recording, the LEGRIA HF G25 can be set to 5 different Audio Scene selections to suit the particular environment. It can be set for speeches, music or sounds in natural environments, and the Audio Scene selection function will automatically adjust the sound settings for optimal audio recording.

Control Remotely with the CameraAccess App

By using the new CameraAccess app available for both iOS and Android platforms with the LEGRIA HF R46, users can view and record live videos using a Wi-Fi connection to remotely control the camcorder with their smartphone or tablet. A user will be able to see what the camcorder sees on their device’s screen, and can even control the camcorder’s zoom with this app. This can be used in a variety of ways, such as setting up the camcorder in a baby’s room so that the baby can be monitored from another room, or recording a school play with the camera set up in a good vantage point, while sitting comfortably in the audience. Being DLNA-ready, the Wi-Fi enabled camcorder also allows users to stream and view videos effortlessly on DLNA-certified TVs.

Enhanced hardware for a greater user experience

The LEGRIA HF G25 has a few physical design features to make it simpler for use. A newly designed lens hood with a built in hood barrier better protects the lens from scratches and keeps out flare from external light sources. This hood barrier flips open and close at the flick of a sliding switch, bypassing the inconvenient step of manually removing or replacing the lens cap every time a user wants to shoot a video. This also makes it effectively easier to set up the camcorder for a quick shot. It also eliminates the risk of misplacing the lens cap when shooting outdoors.

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The ergonomic design of the large lens-coaxial focus ring provides users with a better grip, allowing users to adjust the turn the focus ring to their preferred position.

The 0.24” electronic viewfinder (260,000 dots resolution) is an essential design feature for shooting in bright and glaring environments. Coupled with the newly improved eye-cup, which has been made larger to match that on the XA10 professional camcorder, the camcorder is more comfortable to use while providing the user with greater protection against glare.

Price and availability

The new LEGRIA camcorders are available at all Canon authorised dealers at the following colours.

Model Availability Prices Colour(s) available
LEGRIA HF G25 To be announced To be announced Black
LEGRIA HF R46 Black, Silver, Red

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