Microsoft Surface Pro is finally on sale, storage updated

The long awaited Microsoft Surface Pro is finally on sale. There is no big fanfare, no interesting celebration to report (I believe some were cancelled due to weather). It starts with US$899 for the 64GB and US$999 for the 128GB with another touch cover.


And if you need Microsoft Office, you will need to pay. Unlike the Surface RT which comes with Microsoft Office, Surface Pro comes with Windows 8 Pro. It is basically what you get when you are buying a laptop or Ultrabook. Everything is extra and you will need to pay.

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However, what you will be getting is a full computer that is able to run any Windows application. However, do be careful about the remaining storage when you purchase the Surface Pro. Previously, I reported an unofficial report on the storage. Now, the page has been updated to reflect the actual value.

If you buy a 64GB Surface Pro, you will end up with just 29GB of storage and if you buy the 128GB version, you will end up with 89GB of storage. Here is the official breakdown.


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For those in Singapore who wanted this device, you can’t get it yet. It is not available online/offline for Singapore.


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