Yahoo! enhances Flickr app for iPhone, Image Search now with Flickr photos (Video)

Yahoo! has updated the Flickr app for iPhone.  Thanks to Yahoo! for the invite, I am now more aware about the features of the enhanced Flickr app. With the enhancement, it might become interesting for many to use the app. Check it out.


First of all, for your information, Yahoo! has updated the Flickr for iPhone ONLY. If you are on Android, you will not get that kind of experiences that I am showing now. However, from Yahoo!, the Android app might be “a few months away” without giving an exact date.

Here are some interesting features that might want to try on the app.


This is not something new for iPhone or Android. On the app, there are 16 filters that you can use to enhance the photo.


Here is the picture I have taken during the event, enhanced with the filter.



This is something new and not found on Android app yet. Yahoo! has added interesting editing features on the app. I have to say that I am impressed by these editing features.

Enhance, Orientation, Crop, Brightness, Contrast


When you select Enhance, you will go into another page of option.

Auto, Night, Backlit, Balance


You can try it to see the effect on the picture immediately.

Saturation, Sharpness, Draw, Text, Redeye


For the Draw feature, you can select the size of the brush and also the color.


As for Text, you can also choose the color. However, there is no option to choose the font. You can drag the text to make it bigger or rotate it to your liking.

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Whiten, Blemish


For the Whiten and Blemish features, it is good for close up of the face. You can magnify the picture to focus on a part of it. Then, you can choose the size to do the whitening or covering up of the blemish. Actually, they are very easy to use.

Here is a video that I made to illustrate the Blemish feature.


Overall, I like the edit feature of the app, plus you can upload the full resolution of the picture to Flickr account. And Yahoo! Image Search can now be used to find photos from Flickr (that are available for re-use or reposting under Creative Commons terms).

Do give it a try. You can find the app at Apple App Store by searching for Flickr or you can follow the link below.

Click Here to Flickr App from Apple App Store

Here is the What’s New on this latest version: –

What’s New in Version 2.01.772

We’re releasing several new enhancements based on your feedback, including:

  • Better visibility of photo upload status
  • It’s now easier than ever to share your Flickr photos on Facebook
  • Get instant notifications when your Facebook friends join Flickr
  • Easily find your Twitter contacts on Flickr
  • New notifications when someone comments on a photo you’ve also commented on
  • Fixed issues with Google sign-in
  • Plus other bug fixes