Download Leehom Wang 12 Zodiacs audio for USD1

Wang Li Hong (or 王力宏 or Leehom Wang ) is no stranger in the Mandarin music scene. With his talent in creating songs and playing/mixing with Chinese musical instruments, there is no lack of followers on Weibo.


Recently, he has ventured into something that not many Asian singer has done. He is offering an audio version of the song “12 Zodiacs” DRM free at only USD1 and it comes with digital booklet and cover art.

On his site, he narrated his story about how music has changed his life and his frustration about song piracy and his reason for building his website to sell music digitally.

Click Here to Check Out Leehom Wang’s 12 Zodiacs and his story

If you want more information, you should check out TechCrunch article on it. An excerpt from TechCrunch’s article (email from Leehom Wang):

The Asian music industry is sustainable in many ways, and I am tremendously fortunate to continue to benefit from that and be able to do what I love for a living. But I think, like any industry, we need to continue to look forward and evolve, and a significant aspect of that is finding new, mutually beneficial ways for artists to share content with fans. What we’ve done with the release of ’12 Zodiacs’ is just one experiment in that vein,

Click here to check out TechCrunch Article