Microsoft Surface Phone concept (Video)

If you like Microsoft Surface design, this concept phone might interest you. It has all the elements of the Microsoft Surface but in a Smartphone format. I think some are doable but one of them (the USB 3.0) is a bit far stretch based on the current USB 3.0 size.


From the video, it stated a 5-inch screen, super AMOLED, 326ppi, 12 MPX rear camera, a kickstand, a mini touch cover and what looks like a VaporMg chassis.

There has been rumors that Microsoft is building their own Windows Phone. I think if they really do it, it will be based heavily on the Microsoft Surface. So, this concept phone might just look like the real deal.

Just a small nitpick. From the video comments, it seems that the pixel density for this configuration should be 294ppi based on the screen size and resolution.

I would love something like that for a Windows Phone. Check out the rendered concept.

(source via DigitalTrends)

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