Review: Cocoon Grid-It CPG7 (Video)

If you have many gadgets and find it troublesome to keep them neatly, you may want to consider Cocoon Grid-It. The concept is simple. It uses many rubber bands, interlace them together to form a grid. You can then slot in your gadgets into one of the grids.


Cocoon Grid-It comes in many sizes and shapes. The one that I had (Christmas present 🙂 ) is CPG7. On their website, it is named as an iPad case accessory.

To cut short how to use this Grid-It, check out this video.


The Cocoon Grid-It has a flat surface with the base made of hard material. As mentioned, it has many “rubber-bands” running across the base. The bands are rubberized so that any object can be kept in place.


To organize your gadgets, you can just slip in the gadgets under a suitable band. The trick is to get as many gadgets into the surface as possible. It is not easy to organize the gadgets and at the same time maintain a flat surface for easy storage. I have tried a few times to get them in neatly. The gadgets on the Grid-It as shown in the picture.

  • eGear battery
  • Sanwa USB hub
  • SINOELE 10,000 mAh battery
  • High Tech Multi-Tool Adaptor
  • USB to Micro-USB, 30-pin or Mini-USB cable
  • Card Travel Adapter

The problem that I faced using the Grid-It is that gadgets come in different shape, sizes and thickness. The rubberized bands may at times hinder you into making full use of them.


The Cocoon Grid-It (CPG7) can be bought at I12 at S$19.95. There are different models but so far, I can only see a few of them. In my opinion, the Grid-It can be a good way to organize your gadgets or stationary. However, without a cover, you will need to worry if they would drop off without your notice. Not to worry, if you are paranoid, you can buy the Grid-It Wrap series where there will be a cover for it.

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