UFO in Singapore?

Saw this object this morning (28th December 2012, 7:45am) and I could not identify it (hence the name UFO – Unidentified Flying Object). I was hoping someone could let me know what it is..


Above is a series of photographs taken with Lumix DMC-LX5 with full optical zoom (plus digital zoom). The image (after taken) was enlarged 800% with Microsoft Office picture viewer and I screen shot it.

Basically, what I saw in the sky is just a white dot. It is NOT a light source. I think the glow is due to the sun reflection and also the loss of data due to digital zoom. Too bad, I do not have my DSLR with me.

As for the dark ring, I am not sure what it is. I took a video of it but video can be deceiving. If you think it is blinking, it is NOT. Again, the zoom and loss of data might have caused it.

My first thought is that it might be a balloon, or a satellite passing by as it is quite high. But after checking the footage and pictures, I am not sure now.  Here is the video.

Let me know if you think you know what it is, ok? Location: Kaki Bukit View, TechPark II.

Original picture (one of them)


Bigger version of the first picture