The Modern Poke app with Mark Zuckerberg’s voice

Check out this Faccebook Poke app. It is what I call the modern poke. When Facebook is starting to get traction years ago, everyone is talking about poking others. Now, I believe no one poke anyone anymore. With this app, maybe it will revive the days of poking.

According to TechCrunch, the voice behind the poke sound is non other than Mark Zuckerberg and he is believed to lend a hand on the programming of this app. Amazingly, they built this app in 12 days just in time for Christmas. Here is a short clip of Mark’s voice.

So, what can the app do. Based on the description on iTunes app store: –

Poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello.

  • Poke a friend with a message, photo or video
  • Choose how long they can see it
  • Press and hold to see pokes from friends
  • Say where you are when you poke
  • See when your friends take screenshots

So, that is it.

Click Here to Read the details from TechCrunch


Click Here to Download the Facebook Poke app from App Store


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