Charge your smartphone with WakaWaka Solar Power (Video)

I have backed this WakaWaka Power on Kickstarter. It is actually a compact solar power light and charging device. Truthfully speaking, years ago, I have tried all sorts of solar powered devices but they do not deliver. Hopefully, this one will.

One of the reasons why I backed this project is because, for every backer who purchased the WakaWaka Power, a WakaWaka Light (the classic) will be donated to Haiti who is still suffering from the effect of the earthquake 3 years ago. Here is a video of the WakaWaka Power.

Actually, the Kickstarter’s goal has been achieved since the launched on 13th December 2012. Now, if the project is able to meet its stretch goal of USD100,000, WakaWaka Power will have 25% more power capacity.

Here is the specs of the device. I love the fact that there are a lot of indicators. With indicators, you can be sure if the battery is charging or the device is charging your other devices or not.

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The expected date to receive the product is May 2013. So, if you are in a hurry to get it, you might want to think about it. Currently, the USD 49 early bird edition had sold out. I have opt for the USD59 version with USD14 shipping charges.


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