Google dropping Microsoft ActiveSync support for consumers

If you have been waiting for more Google service support on Windows Phone, here is a piece of bad news for you. Google is stopping consumers support for Exchange ActiveSync via Google Sync as part of their “Winter Cleaning”.

That means that if you are on Windows Phone, usually, you would connect Google services with Microsoft ActiveSync (via Google Sync) to pushed email, Google contacts and Calendar. This will not work anymore after 30th January 2013.

Google is now embracing the open protocol, CalDAV, and CardDAV that Apple is also using. Too bad, Microsoft is not doing that. Now, with the announcement, Microsoft has a month to react. They can choose to keep Google users happy with a solution or they can just ignore the mass and continue without Google service support.

Microsoft is fighting a tough war with the two giant OSes (iOS and Android). In my opinion, they cannot ignore the voices of these users. I am actually one of them. Now, my decision is tougher after this news. In my heart, I wanted to use a Windows Phone for its clean look and intuitive UI. However, with a poor apps ecosystem and this news, I have to rethink carefully.

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BTW, for users will are already using ActiveSync Gmail, you are not affected. And for corporate users, you will not be affected.