Free games from EA: Fly with Me and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12

Hurry up! For a limited period only, EA is giving 2 free games this festive season. They are Fly with Me and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (on iPad only). The links to the game after the break.

Fly With Me & Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 are Two of EA’s Mobile Game Holiday Gifts to Fans

EA offers two great games for free this holiday season 

 EA is getting in the gift-giving spirit this holiday season with a special surprise: For a limited time, EA is offering two of its most beloved mobile titles for free in the App Store! The fun will never stop this holiday with free downloads of Fly With Me and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12.  Gamers will face all sorts of tricky challenges with the puzzle-based Fly with Me. By using their precision and smarts, players will help a group of stealthy birds swoop, dodge and even eat evil bees they’ve sworn to get vengeance upon.  With 45 beautifully rendered levels in tropical locations, gamers can soar and maneuver their way to victory regardless of ability level. Even the youngest gamers can get in on the fun with kid-friendly difficulty settings!

Features Include:

  • Unlockable levels and challenging modes only for the bravest of fliers
  • A variety of levels, modes and challenges to satisfy every type of player
  • A fun adventure for the whole family to enjoy!

Along with Fly With Me, EA is offering the gift of the mobile green this year to budding golfers with a free download of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12.  Players can now easily step into the cleats of Tiger Woods or his fellow PGA tour pals for free. Games have a multitude of golf courses, player modes and challenges with this true-to-life styled game. With its Precise Touch Control and realistic graphics, no detail is overlooked for an immersive PGA TOUR® experience. This free offer is a great opportunity to get in the game as a PGA TOUR® pro or as a customised character users can design themselves.

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Features Include:

  • Tons of player options: Courses, challenges and PGA TOUR® Pros keep the Tiger Woods PGA Tour expansive!
  • The full PGA TOUR® experience: realistic renderings and masterful touch controls make it feel as though gamers are on the green!
  • Play like Tiger and win big: Defeating the mini-games in TIGER CHALLENGE can unlock special prizes!

Fly with Me and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 are now available on the App Store FREE for a limited time.*

*Wireless fees may apply.