Sims FreePlay celebrates 1st anniversary with new features (Video)

EA’s Sims FreePlay is rewarding players with gifts and new features on their 1st anniversary. You can now become designer, help Santa Claus during the Christmas season and more.

Here are the new features.

  • Get into the holiday spirit with the 12 Days of Christmas Quest! Help Santa, deck the halls and get rewarded with a BIG present on Christmas Day!
  • Catch big game and win unexpected prizes!
  • Dream it, create it and work it! Sims can play fashionista, design new outfits and earn rewards!

The Sims FreePlay is now available free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play .

Here is a video of the Sims FreePlay.

Here are some more information on the Sims FreePlay on their 1st anniversary.

Here are things I didn’t know (I do not play the game).

In The Sims FreePlay, gamers can control up to 20 Sims and with a multitude of options in game, the possibilities are nearly endless. With every update, the game has grown beyond the nuts and bolts of the Sims franchise and not only gives fans the option to choose everything from jobs and houses but also includes choices for all of life’s twists and turns! Users can have their Sims learn to love-or hate- a fellow Sim, party all night, or even raise their children from babies to teenagers.  Every choice big or small is at the user’s fingertips with The Sims FreePlay.

The latest update will allow players to take their Sims on more journeys than ever before like scoring simoleons by catching wild fish in the park, or becoming a fashion designer and earning rewards for their new designer digs. Gamers can also share the holiday spirit with their favourite Sims by going on a Christmas Quest! Players can help Santa fix his sleigh, get special holiday décor and win prizes for participating in the holiday cheer.