Print Your Avatar with 3D Printing Booth (Video)

Want to have a mini statue/avatar of yourself? Now you can do it with 3D printing. I think this is better than those photo stickers machines. Of course it is not cheap and the process is longer. And at this moment, it is only available in Japan.

Here is a look at the simplified process flow.

The person or group will have to stand still for 15 minutes (or more) for a full scan by the technician. Once done, it will be printed out on a color 3D printer. I think this is a much better option to remember a person. The prices range from 21,000 yen, 32,000 yen, to 42,000 yen based on the three sizes: S (10cm), M (15cm) and L (20cm) respectively.

Here is another picture of the end result.

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