Draw Something, Words with Friends Available on Windows Phone Now

This is actually meant to be a good news for many Windows Phone users. Draw Something and Words with Friends are now available for Windows Phone. However, I am sorry to break this news to you that you have to pay a “hefty” price for them.

While your friends with iOS or Android are getting these two games free (with ad-support), Windows Phone users have NO such options. You will need to pay S$4.99 (or USD2.99) for each of these apps.

For me, you can count me out. I have stopped playing Draw Something for a long time (yes, a few months is considered long) and if I were to pay S$4.49 for Words with Friends, I am not going to.

For those who are looking forward to test out with Trial mode, there is NON. The only positive thing about these 2 games is that you are finally able to be in the same league as your friends on iOS or Android (or have they already stopped playing them?). BTW, they are available on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Click Here to Draw Something on Windows Phone


Click Here to Words with Friends on Windows Phone


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